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Gaby Küpfer

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Hi, I'm Gaby and I'm a Front-End Developer with a background in Game Development. I create polished, accessible websites that have intuitive functionality, and I always keep my code DRY.

I’ve been coding since 2014. After completing the Game Development program at George Brown College, I started working as a 3D Artist a tech startup where, by chance, I had the opportunity to use my knowledge of C# to develop VR experiences for mobile. I enjoyed coding so much that I decided to find a career that would allow me to write code full-time; that’s what led me to complete HackerYou's immersive bootcamp program.

Coding challenges my creativity; this is what motivates me to polish the skills I have and pushes me to expand on them. I can’t wait to join a team of other skilled developers and to share my knowledge and creativity!

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Taco Vs Sushi

React, JavaScript, Gulp, Sass, CSS3, HTML5

Who will you stand beside in the ultimate showdown?

In this quirky quiz, you answer seven questions, each answer adds a point into a tally that leads to one of two results. If the points are tied, the final result will be randomly chosen.

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JQuery, JavaScript, Gulp, Sass, CSS3, HTML5

Not sure what to make for dinner? This handy app lets you pick a main ingredient (or vegan, or vegetarian), and shows you recipes and wine pairings.

I used two APIs for this project and used JQuery to dynamically add the informationto the DOM. I learned a lot with this one!

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React, Firebase, Gulp, Sass, CSS3, HTML5

Gifs are great, am I right? After logging into this app, you can view some of my favourite apps and add your own to the collection!

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React, JavaScript, Gulp, Sass, CSS3, HTML5

An app to help you find a great slice in your area.

This app is the product of a group project for the Immersive Web Development course at HackerYou. I was responsible for implementing React Router and doing the styling.

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This PSD conversion was one of the projects that I completed as part of HackerYou's Web Development Immersive program. This website is accessible and fully responsive.

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